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A smart home provides a way to interact with devices within the home. It can provide information about and control over those devices.

It doesn’t all have to be installed from the outset but can be added to as time and your requirements change. This allows you to add security systems, heating and lighting systems and control over audio visual equipment as you require by changing appliances and accessories with ‘smart’ versions of the same.

We can help with choosing these devices and integrating them to help you get the most from your investment.

There are currently four major smart ecosystems:

  1. Google Home
  2. Amazon Alexa
  3. Apple HomeKit
  4. Works with Nest

So how do you choose which is going to work best for you ?


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There have been a number of articles on the television recently about the use of CCTV to help protect your home.

Whilst it is incorrect to say that it can protect the home, it can alert you to the fact that something is happening and record what is occurring for later use. It is also possible to connect to your system and see what is going on in real time so that you can decide what to do.

 Why deal with the shock of an unexpected expense?

We have a range of maintenance contracts which can spread the cost of looking after your home systems across the year.

Starting from as little as £30 per month for up to 3 home systems and increasing to cover however many systems you may have.

For more information please email info@elrond.co.uk


We rely more and more on our computers to supply us with the information we need. Chances are, every piece of information you might ever rely on has been reduced to a digital format and resides somewhere on your computer’s hard drive.

Improved functionality and productivity are the benefits, however, on the flip side, one wrong click, one nasty virus, one untimely power surge or unhappy employee and that data is gone forever!

We can provide a series of backup solutions which will be tailored to your circumstances and requirements. Whatever your preference, from external hard drive though to a cloud based solution, we can supply and set this up and even manage this for you.

Summer Clean

While you are relaxing on your holiday let us give your computer a thorough detox.

If your computer is just as slow and unresponsive as when you left, that stressed feeling will be back before you know it, and your holiday will be forgotten before you can say ‘mouse’.

Let us collect your computer, clear out all infiltrations and attacks, delete all unnecessary internet files, defragment your hard disc and remove dust from the internal fans. This will leave your computer faster, more responsive and safer, so you can return from holiday and keep that refreshed feeling for longer.

We’ll pick up and return your computer at a time to suit you.

All for only £79

Call now to book your computer’s therapy (and you’ll speak to a human being)

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Web Development

We regard ourselves as leaders in innovative web site design and online branding. We are focused on creating compelling and inspiring interactive web sites for corporations, non-profit organisations, government agencies and educational institutions.

We draw on years of experience to create effective and compelling online user experiences. This creates an easy to use, aesthetically pleasing and overall positive interactive environment for your audience.

Our core capabilities in strategy, design, technology and branding are key to our success. Our understanding of strategy and new media enables us to develop web sites that go beyond the way a site looks, or how the navigation is laid out.

It is our sincere desire to understand our clients’ objectives in having a digital presence on the Internet. In our experience it is by understanding a client’s business and objectives we are able to create award winning web sites.


We repair and maintain anything to do with a computer or network. From fixing a mouse to total IT Support, computer maintenance, repairs, servicing and upgrades. If you’re having problems with upgrades, or your computer is running slow, or even if it’s dead, we can help!

If you have a problem with a PC, laptop or network, please give us a call. We will discuss the problem with you first, and then offer you the most cost effective solution to suit your needs.

New Installations

You’ve chosen and ordered the equipment you want – and now it has arrived. What next?

We provide an installation service to ensure that your systems are properly set up and functioning as they should.

Installing printers, scanners, digital cameras, speaker systems, and just about anything that can be connected to a computer, including a TV, game station or DVD player. These ‘peripherals’ depend on software drivers that can be tricky to install and configure. Troubleshooting an install can be difficult, as can understanding how to interact with the device once you’ve attached it. Manuals are not always as easy to follow as their authors would have you believe!

We can visit you, sort out any problems you may have and provide the training necessary for you to be able to use your new device with confidence and ease.


We can install a wireless or wired network in your home or office. This will enable you to share your Internet connection, printers and files.


If you have computers in several rooms in your home or office, then a network would be ideal for you. Laptops will be connected to the Internet in any room. You can print to any printer that is connected to another computer. MP3, video and data files can be shared and transferred between computers.


Most game consoles these days have the ability to connect to the Internet to play games with others around the world. These consoles can also be connected wirelessly to the network to access the Internet.


Security is always an issue with any network. With wireless networks there is the added problem that any computer within range can potentially access your network. We stop this by adding a 10 digit security key that we programme into your computer and the router. Only computers that have this key will be able to join your network. All the systems we install will also come fitted with a firewall to stop hackers breaking into your computers.


Some infections are just annoying – but others can be potentially ruinous. It is vital that you protect yourself against them. There are many anti-virus and anti-spyware programmes on the market. We can assist in selecting the right one for you, as well as installing it properly and making sure that your protection is regularly updated.

The hackers, of course, are constantly dreaming up new ways to get round anti-virus programmes. If you do find you’ve been infected, you should shut down your computer to prevent the virus spreading and only turn it back on again when you are ready to perform a virus cleaning operation.

Hackers operate by scanning the Internet for connected PCs with open ‘ports’ through which they can enter your computer. To stop them, you need a personal firewall. This monitors all your open ports and warns you when a programme is trying to access one of them via the internet.

We can supply and fit a firewall for you and then show you how to use the software correctly and interpret any error messages that appear.


Moving to new offices must be one of the most critical – and stressful – times for any company. Long gone are the times that moving offices was just a question of putting things into crates and hiring a removals firm.

Yet for many organisations, asking their staff to arrange an office move on top of their normal duties turns out to be a false economy. Busy executives are distracted from doing what they were employed to do – namely contributing to an efficient and profitable company.

What Elrond can do is to help you address all the IT aspects of your office move. The starting point in this process should be advice on the suitability for your IT needs of any premises under consideration – before you sign the lease! This applies particularly to listed and older buildings, but increasingly to more recently constructed ones.

From that point, we can advise you on the whole ‘IT move’, through cabling, communications, power supply and layout to the day of moving in and setting-up of your systems.

Along the way we would expect to save you a great deal of time, money and potential frustration – especially if you bring us on board right from the start.

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