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Fake ‘Your PC has a problem….’ calls increasing!!!!

The incidence of scam telephone calls from companies claiming to be working in association with ‘Microsoft’ is on a rapid increase again!

The cold calls claim that your computer has been detected as having serious problems and they then launch into a conserted effort to get you to log into a web site, which gives them control of your machine. Using this they then run a fake program which confirms that you’ve got viruses or spyware. They then get you to sign up to a maintenance contract, or charge a one off fee to get this cleaned up

At the end of the process they’ll have your credit card details and will already have conned you out of £80-£120!!

These calls are a SCAM!!

There have been a number of programs recently mentioning this (BBC Watchdog being one) and trying to warn people about it.

Tell the caller that you’re not interested and that if they persist you’ll report them to the police.