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Repair & Maintenance


We repair and maintain anything to do with a computer or network. From fixing a mouse to total IT Support, computer maintenance, repairs, servicing and upgrades. If you’re having problems with upgrades, or your computer is running slow, or even if it’s dead, we can help!

If you have a problem with a PC, laptop or network, please give us a call. We will discuss the problem with you first, and then offer you the most cost effective solution to suit your needs.

New Installations

You’ve chosen and ordered the equipment you want – and now it has arrived. What next?

We provide an installation service to ensure that your systems are properly set up and functioning as they should.

Installing printers, scanners, digital cameras, speaker systems, and just about anything that can be connected to a computer, including a TV, game station or DVD player. These ‘peripherals’ depend on software drivers that can be tricky to install and configure. Troubleshooting an install can be difficult, as can understanding how to interact with the device once you’ve attached it. Manuals are not always as easy to follow as their authors would have you believe!

We can visit you, sort out any problems you may have and provide the training necessary for you to be able to use your new device with confidence and ease.