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We can install a wireless or wired network in your home or office. This will enable you to share your Internet connection, printers and files.


If you have computers in several rooms in your home or office, then a network would be ideal for you. Laptops will be connected to the Internet in any room. You can print to any printer that is connected to another computer. MP3, video and data files can be shared and transferred between computers.


Most game consoles these days have the ability to connect to the Internet to play games with others around the world. These consoles can also be connected wirelessly to the network to access the Internet.


Security is always an issue with any network. With wireless networks there is the added problem that any computer within range can potentially access your network. We stop this by adding a 10 digit security key that we programme into your computer and the router. Only computers that have this key will be able to join your network. All the systems we install will also come fitted with a firewall to stop hackers breaking into your computers.